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Market Structure & High Frequency Trading Issues

The complex interplay of an enormous number of trades happening in a short period of time between numerous market participants spread across disparate trading venues presents challenges for investigation and analysis. Economists at The Brattle Group have experience in investigations, litigation, and enforcement actions involving the analysis of the effects of market microstructure on market performance. Our experts also have experience working with “big data,” and our terabyte-scale data storage solutions provide for massive parallel processing, which may be required for the effective analysis of high-frequency trading activity.

We maintain affiliations with some of the leading academics and experts on the issues of trade execution, and the causes of flash crashes in high-frequency markets, including the Chair of the Financial Regulatory Authority Economic Advisory Committee, a Nobel Prize winning economist, and former chief economists at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Ms. Borucki is a financial economist with experience providing advice and developing expert testimony on the application of corporate finance and economics in both litigation and strategic engagements. More icon f02782c24cccaf6d90e1da53920c42f20e5a8955f54ac2ca5727ec7dc89987b4
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Dr. Goldberg specializes in complex litigation in which careful analysis and modeling of economic, business, or financial data is critical. More icon f02782c24cccaf6d90e1da53920c42f20e5a8955f54ac2ca5727ec7dc89987b4
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Mr. Hinton has over 20 years of experience directing projects and providing expert testimony in securities litigation and enforcement. Mr. Hinton is an expert on topics in finance, economics, and valuation. More icon f02782c24cccaf6d90e1da53920c42f20e5a8955f54ac2ca5727ec7dc89987b4