Environmental Litigation & Regulation
Wetlands & Endangered Species Act

Enforcement of the Endangered Species Act has resulted in numerous legal challenges as proposed residential, industrial, and energy projects are potentially restricted or blocked over concerns about habitat protection. Brattle economists have addressed the relationships between wildlife and land protection and economic activity, and participated in the resolution of related disputes. We have a deep understanding of the federal wetlands program under the Clean Water Act and comparable state programs, which allows us to advise our clients on the feasibility of development projects, valuation of wetland habitats, and related banking transactions.

Potential Economic Impacts of Environmental Flows Following a Potential Listing of Endangered Texas Freshwater Mussels
April 7, 2014
David L. Sunding, Brad Wolaver, Cassandra Cook , Stephen F. Hamilton, Bridget Scanlon , Michael Young , Xianli Xu, and Robert Reedy
Published in the Journal of the American Water Resources Association