Big Data & Document Analytics
Document Analytics

In investigations with document-intensive discovery, Brattle experts work to assist clients with document analytics to target the most valuable documents quickly and to deliver answers to key questions. Our approach is rooted in our substantive expertise in data analytics, which draw on the latest techniques from data science, such as predictive coding, topic modeling, and email network mapping. We coordinate closely with investigative and trial teams, and our approach is customized to each case. Our hallmark is a clear, detailed work product that is targeted to our client’s focus and dovetailed with the key aspects of the case.

A challenge in high-stakes financial investigations, such as money laundering cases, fraud, and white-collar crime, is identifying questionable transactions and information flows within large volumes of ordinary, but typically fragmented, financial and email records with limited time and resources. We apply “big data” techniques in financial investigations to identify patterns and linkages potentially indicative of illicit activities that would be hidden or difficult to detect with traditional methods.

We add analytic capabilities to litigation and investigative teams, making it possible to extract more information from the available documents and metadata, and to do so more efficiently. Extracting data using algorithms from across multiple documents, native files, or routine corporate reports can provide key empirical support for important findings not otherwise evident from individual documents. We bridge the technology gap that can separate useful lines of investigation and the technology platforms available to access documents, as well as the challenges posed by large-scale cases. We do this by writing custom algorithms with the flexibility to analyze information in ways best suited to the specifics of the case rather than constrained by the off-the-shelf analytic tools available to the investigative teams.