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Personal Interests

Paul Hinton is a Principal of The Brattle Group with 20 years of experience directing projects and providing expert testimony in securities litigation and enforcement. His recent case experience includes:

  • Lehman Brothers securities class action litigation regarding alleged disclosure failures in connection with securities offerings prior to and during the financial crisis;
  • Starr v. U.S. case on AIG’s failure and the terms of government assistance, involving the effects of a run in shadow banking on CDO mark-to-market pricing and CDS collateral calls;
  • MF Global UK administration proceeding over the valuation of customer positions and the use of hindsight; and,
  • White Collar cases, providing analysis of patterns of alleged insider trading and mapping financial flows in the investigation of money laundering.

Mr. Hinton’s prior professional experience includes project finance at the London investment bank Morgan Grenfell. His recent publications cover topics including the challenges of regulating HFT, whether mortgage underwriting was to blame for subprime losses; the Olympus accounting scandal, and the causes of bank failures during the credit crisis. He holds an undergraduate degree from Oxford University and a graduate degree from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

December 8, 2017
George S. Oldfield, Paul Hinton, and Andrew Newman
Published on Law360
December 22, 2015
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December 9, 2015
Published in the ABA’s Securities Litigation Journal
Making the Most of Document Analytics
December 1, 2015
Published in Law360
November 12, 2015
Published in Practice Points, a publication of the ABA’s Securities Litigation Committee
Big Data’s Big Impact In Financial Investigations
May 28, 2015
Paul Hinton, Mark Sarro, Rand Ghayad, and Kevin Rosenberg
Published on Law360
High-Frequency Trading in Litigation
March 26, 2015
Paul Hinton, Pavitra Kumar, and Lauren J. Schreur
Presented to The Knowledge Group
Equity Market Microstructure and the Challenges of Regulating HFT
January 16, 2015
Published in Financier Worldwide

Paul is on the Board of GallopNYC, an organization that offers therapeutic horsemanship programs to children and adults with disabilities and special needs. Additional information about the organization and Paul’s involvement is available in this video.