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Dr. Ros has more than 20 years of consulting and agency experience in regulatory and antitrust economics in network industries, particularly energy and telecommunications. He specializes in costing and demand analysis, cost of service and performance-based ratemaking, competition analysis and disputes, damages, and econometric modelling. He has provided expert reports before agencies in more than a dozen countries and before the International Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Panel.

Some of his recent work includes:

  • Costing and Pricing of Smart-Grid and Smart-Grid Enabled Services: For a major utility in the U.S., was the lead economist in a study measuring the marginal costs of utility smart grids and smart grid-enabled services. Smart grids are being used as an input by the utility and third-parties to provide competitive smart-grid enabled services, such as smart streetlights, smart meters, and other smart city services. Addressed issues such as efficient input pricing, price floor, cross-subsidization, imputation/price squeeze, and common cost allocation.
  • Expert Testimony on Market Definition and Market Power for Gas Line Insurance Products: Testified on behalf of Northern Illinois Gas Company examining whether the company’s gas line insurance product was provided in an anticompetitive manner. Addressed issues such as relevant market definition for gas line repair services, whether the company possessed market power, and whether certain company activities should be considered essential inputs and subject to sharing with competitors.
  • Expert Testimony on Total Factor Productivity and Performance-Based Ratemaking in Electricity: Testified on behalf of the Public Utilities Commission of Alberta, Canada on total factor productivity estimates for U.S. electricity distribution companies for use in arriving at an X-factor in a price cap proceeding plan for the electricity distribution and transmission operators in Alberta.
  • Damages Analysis Involving a Wireless Billing Dispute: On behalf of a major wireless operator in the U.S., utilized large billing data set to statistically analyze alternative billing arrangements and estimate damages.
  • Expert Report on Mobile and Fixed-Line Telecommunications Competition: On behalf of America Móvil, Mexico’s largest telecommunications company, analyzed the state of mobile and fixed-line telecommunications competition in a proceeding before the Mexican Competition Commission. Estimated econometric price models for mobile and fixed-line services using a panel of 20 similar countries, and used model to compare predicted and actual prices.
  • Electricity Market Restructuring and Market Power Assessment: On behalf of the Mexican Energy Secretary, led a team of economists in the liberalization and market design of the Mexican wholesale electricity market and addressed issues such as identification of relevant markets, horizontal generation divestiture, vesting contracts, and financial transmission rights.
  • Electricity Demand Modeling and Forecasts: On behalf of the Mexican gas regulator, developed econometric electricity demand model used for forecasting electricity and natural gas generation input demand.
  • Broadband Demand Modeling and Forecasts: On behalf of the Mexican telecommunications regulator, developed econometric broadband demand model used for determining economic factors driving demand and for forecasting broadband penetration.
  • Competitive Analysis of Retail and Wholesale Petroleum Asset Sales in Central America: On behalf of a major international petroleum company, performed merger analysis examining the competitive effects of a transaction on retail gas station and wholesale petroleum assets.

Dr. Ros is an Adjunct Professor at the International Business School at Brandeis University where he teaches a course on regulatory and global antitrust economics. He previously taught a similar course at Northeastern University. His agency experience includes work at the Illinois Commerce Commission, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Mexican Competition Commission. His econometric research on regulatory and antitrust issues has appeared in The Energy Journal, Journal of Regulatory Economics, Review of Industrial Organization, Review of Network Economics, Telecommunications Policy, and Info.

Dr. Ros speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese.

Published in The Energy Journal, Volume 38, Number 4

The article estimates electricity demand elasticity for different customer classes as well as the price effects from unbundled wholesale generation in conjunction with retail competition in the United States during the period 1972-2009.

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